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SAITO MITSUAKI Sex : Male Birthed Date : 1963.09.19 Blood Type : O Japanese
Office : 14, aza Shimomura, Misato-Town, Senboku-District, Akita-Pref, 019-1402, Japan

I began taking aircraft's pictures, since March 1988.
At that time I was in Tokyo, and base was HANEDA airport.
I began taking aircraft's pictures from autumn 1991 again,
after it returned home.
Since, base is AKITA Airport.
In 1994, main theme was set to "Scenery with airplane".
June of the same year,
I converted the using film into the reversal film from the negative film.
And I started study of the photograph by self-study.
In January 1999, I established this web site.
The site name was "AKITA airport, scenery with airplane".
In this age, I was taken up the local mass media.
Since in those days,
my photographs and my articles began to be published sometimes
by some Japanese monthly aviation magazines.
From 1999 to 2002,
the aerophotograph exhibition by me taken was opened as part of "Sky Day" commemoration event of AKITA airport.
In 2000, I became from "Shutter bug" to "Photographer".
In July 2002, this web site name was changed into "Genicalights", and it was major renewal.
"Scenery with airplane" was succeeded to as a motif.
In August of the same year,
I completed "Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology recognition society correspondence course, photograph course".
From 2003, I began taking pictures with "Airports in Tohoku" as the theme.
The title is "Project SX". 'Tohoku' is Japan's north-east region.
From 2004, I began taking pictures of 'Airports in all of Japan'.
It was going simultaneously with "Project SX".
From June 2005, I began this web site management with an original domain.
At the same month, I completed "Social correspondence course, photograph work creation cram school".
From October of the same year to July 2008,
series of "Airports in all of Japan" by mainly me taken started by Japanese monthly aviation magazine "AIRWORLD".
April 2006, "Clean-up mission" started.
May of same year, the web page organization of English version too began,
based on all of five existing Japanese web sites.
At the same time, the site menu page was set up.
July 2007, "J project" started.
Included to this project with "Project SX" and "Airports in all of Japan".
August 2008, Halt from AIRWORLD's Series of "Airports in all of Japan"
November 2008, Use of the original domains and rental-servers of every dangled sites are planning to be abolished in the respective periods of a contract.
These will be unified in one server gradually as the subsidiary of "" which is a node.
September 2009, "" site open. For double standrads, by "" is Japanese, and "" is English. These sites will become grow styling by this policy.
January 2010, I started up web site update by use of Wireless Data Interaction Terminal in my journey.
The same month, I gave up the continuation of the AIRWORLD's Series, for my future.
I parted ways with the publishing industry, to concentrate on the management of my web sites.
As a result, I will playing as "A bystander of violations".
March 2010, I also started using digital single-lens reflex camera system.
After the taking during the my journey, I'll be best-effective-planning to the my web sites updating.
March 11,2011, In response to the occurrence of the "M9.0 Tohoku region Pacific Ocean earthquake", I was immediately closing the site.
For the time being, I was stop the all projects.
February 2015, I resumed the construction of this site, to start with "Naturelights".

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