Clean-up mission

* The taking area "Garbage-Zero" operation
I noticed garbage considerably cluttered in the taking-pictures area around the airport, since I began to come-round for the airport in all of Japan. There are space that became garbage accumulation too, according to the place, by empty cans, empty bottles, cigaret ends, box lunch husks, and film exteriors, etc. If such a state continues, the place might become off-limits in the worst case.

Hereafter, I will collect the garbage of the taking pictures area while around the airport, at the time between taking pictures suitable. Of course, because I give priority to taking a picture, I think that can't put away all garbage. But I will try so that the place may become a possible beautiful taking-pictures environment.

I am wishing that everyone must be keeping manners, and become a pleasant taking-pictures area forever.

Clean-up All !!! The Place, The Mind, and The World.

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