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Burning Sun

Dusk on a fine day at the end of February which is thought a sign of spring.
When took a picture, the orange sky was made a subject.
But, I moved a subject to the sunset from the sky, and I did trimming of frame angle.

<< Taking DATA >>
Date & Time : 2002.02.26.Tue. 17:10
Place : My home front, Rokugo-town, Akita-prefecture
(Now : Rokugo-town was included in Misato-town)
Weather : Fine
Temperature : 6degrees
Camera : MINOLTA Alpha-9
Lens : SIGMA 500mm APO
ISO : 100
Taking Mode : Aperture priority AE
Photometry : Multi-division
Focus Mode : Manual
Shutter Speed : 1/1600sec.
Aperture Value : f7.1
Exposure Correction : -1EV
hue emphasis correction by image data processing


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Harmonic Photo Gallery

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