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Far Sunset

This is the sunset as viewed from Senagajima
in the south of Naha Airport in Okinawa Prefecture.
It's a familiar sight in Okinawa islanders,
but, it was a great photo opportunity,
for me that is not a handful only visited yet in Okinawa.

<< Taking DATA >>
Date & Time : 2010.03.18.Thu. 18:31
Place : Senagajima, Tomigusuku-city, Okinawa-prefecture
Weather : Clear
Temperature : 20degrees
Humidity : 70%
Camera : SONY Alpha-550
Lens : MINOLTA-Zoom 100-400mm
Focal Area : 300mm
Taking Mode : Program AE
Focus Mode : Manual
W/B : Auto
ISO : Auto / 250
Shutter Speed : 1/500sec.
Aperture Value : f6.3
Exposure Correction : None


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Harmonic Photo Gallery

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