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youchou Infant Watching
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Scenery with Airplane

One infant was watching at an airliner that was pushed back for departure.
What does he thinking of in front of the slowly moving plane?

<< Taking DATA >>
Date & Time : 2010.06.04.Fri. 13:36
Place : Shinshu-Matsumoto Airport Apron North-side
          Shinshu Sky Park
Weather : Clear
Temperature : 24degrees
Humidity : 30%
Barometric Pressure : 942.6hPa
Wind West-south-west 1.9m/s
Camera : SONY Alpha-350
Lens : TAMRON Zoom 28-300mm
Focal Area : 110mm
Taking Mode : Program AE
Photometric Method : Multiple Division
Focus Mode : Auto
Shutter Speed : 1/400sec.
Aperture Value : f8
ISO : 200
Exposure Compensation : -1/3EV
W/B : Auto

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Scenery with Airplane

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<<< About This Contents >>>
The photographs are the art of the light and the shadow. Colors are expressed by the light, and the lines of the subject and the scenery are expressed by the shadow.
The photographs are the art which "The Picture" with various zest can be expressed, in the same subject, with "the subtle addition and subtraction" of this "the bright and the dark".

I became to take various photographs, at now. But, in this contents photographs, "Technique for expressing it by the light and the shadow" is a motif, and it's a composition of the main. In addition, a mission original in the photograph is express the element of "Record" like various colors, senses of the season, the weather, and the time, etc.
Such photographs are included, and this contents are expressing "Scenery with the airplane" as a motif of the contents entire.

The contents name is coinage-word that synthesized "genic" of "Photogenic", and "Light".
"The light and the shadow are expressing by beautiful like taking a female-model."
It is likely to become such a phrase if it translates forcibly. Like the chest throbs to a beautiful woman, I am pursuing such throbbing in the scenery photograph, too.

I multiplied "Pursuing of beauty" by the single word named ,though there are often works like male in this contents.
The policy of this contents are myself policy.
I will Aiming at "Pursuit of the unlimited beauty expressible in the photographs".
You please viewing with somehow relax.